Pie Nation

Pie-rn Bru

August 15, 2015

Let’s hope we don’t get in any copyright trouble over this one, but it was too good not to do some day…

Irn Bru can actually made out of pies

Let’s turn two of Scotland’s favourite ingredients into a pie-filled ‘can’ of Irn Bru - in a challenge to make an iconic image…


To do this, you need 4 of Bell’s finest mini Scotch Pies and a mid-sized bottle of Irn Bru. Clearly Pie Nation worries for the nation’s health so we’ve gone for the Sugar Free variety.

Stack 3 of the pies…

Tear the label off the bottle (note: not using a glass one here, nothing to do with the money-return policy change, it’s just easier to peel them off plastic!)

And wrap around the 3-pie stack. Then here it gets clever.

Take the fourth pie and a good sharp knife.

Cut the bottom off the pie, so you’ve got a nice round, flat edge to work with - and make sure you only cut enough to fill the gap at the top of the label.

Carefully place it in the top of the stack and start to cut a nice ring-pull-shaped hole. From the crust, cut off a ‘tab’ to use later.

Place the tab in the back of the hole you just made, then adjust your camera to get just that right angle - and thus…

This might be our best one yet - enjoy and please share!